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Kingdom Principles

A virtual personal assistant whom you can contact via WhatsApp for anything you want.
"Hi Olu! I need you to book me a flight to Abuja this Friday. Will also need a hotel."
"Hi Olu! I dropped my phone last night. Can you get someone to pick it up from the office and have it fixed by today?"
"Olu! My car has broken down in Ikoyi. Please send a mechanic. Here's the location..."
"Hi Olu! Can you get me some amala and ewedu for lunch? You can deliver it to my office."
How it Works

To begin using Olu Assistant, all you need to do is add the number on WhatsApp.

+234 908 082 1111.​



You can contact your Olu Assistant between 9am-6pm on weekdays for anything you want.


You can contact your Olu Assistant between 9am-6pm any day of the week for anything you want.


During your free trial, you can contact your Olu Assistant between 9am-6pm for 3 weekdays for anything you want.

How exactly does it work?
Think of Olu as your personal assistant whom you can contact on WhatsApp for anything you want, and the subscription fee (Eg. N5,000) as your assistant's salary. All you need to do is add Olu on WhatsApp (+234 908 082 1111) to get started.
How do I make payments?
For the subscription fee, payments are made via bank/mobile transfer, while some services are payable via transfers, cards or cash.
I have more questions before I sign up, how do I contact Olu?
You can contact Olu via Email, WhatsApp,or any of the social media accounts @OluAssistant (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
What does the monthly subscription fee include?
The subscription fee provides you with a dedicated personal assistant to run your errands and handle all your tasks. This fee covers your assistant's salary only. This fee does not include any of the services you request.
Can I use Olu Assistant nationwide?
At the moment, Olu Assistant only offers services within Lagos State and Abuja.
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